Laying and installing limestone tiles

Laying Limestone Tiles can seem a daunting task, but by following a few simple guidelines outlined below, you will soon be on the way to enjoying your new Limestone tile floor.

1. The first step when laying limestone tiles is to unpack and move them inside to allow them to acclimatise to the atmospheric conditions of your home.

2. Next, clean your limestone tiles and allow them to dry thoroughly.

3. When laying limestone tiles it is important to blend the tiles before fixing by picking from different pallets (when using multiple packs of limestone tiles), or different areas from within one pallet (when using just one pack of limestone tiles.

4. Fix your limestone tiles using the appropriate stone tile adhesive for your situation i.e. thickbed tile adhesive, flexible tile adhesive etc.

5. Once fixed, make sure your limestone tiles are clean and dry before sealing with the appropriate stone tile sealant.

6. You should grout your limestone tiles approximately 24 hours after they have been sealed. Ensure you clean all grout residue away and allow them to dry thoroughly.

7. The final step when laying limestone tiles is to make sure the floor is clean and dry. You may wish to re-seal the floor if necessary.

For a more detailed explanation on laying limestone tiles, see our Stone Floor and Wall Tile Installation Instructions page.

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