Do you know your flood risk?

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Tuesday 8th February, 2022

With environmental concerns top of the agenda, rising sea levels are the dominant driver of increased coastal flood risk. UK flooding events are historically associated with extreme weather conditions, however with the increase of frequency and severity, raising sea water and flooding events are becoming more prevalent.

Rising sea levels, coastal flooding and erosion are creating risks for UK infrastructure, communities, businesses and natural capital. It is estimated to cost the UK Government £540 million per year.

With the Environment Agency reports showing a continued rise beyond 2100 under all climate change scenarios, we need to act now to prevent the damage caused by flooding.

Even knowing this, it is still felt that we underestimate coastal flood risks and the heartache and damage that can be caused, which is why we believe we can mitigate the risk with our Redi-Rock modular walling system. It has already has already been used around the UK to protect against rising sea levels and flood water.

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If you are looking to heighten river banks, build new sea walls or construct flood plain defences, we have a solution that can help.

Redi-Rock offers an aesthetically pleasing finish that satisfies:

  • Installers – Redi-Rock blocks are quick and easy to build, with increased timesaving’s and reduced vehicle movements compared to other walling materials
  • Designers – the natural stone looking blocks are available in three available standard finishes and versatile enough to achieve height without compromising on strength, with fully engineering solutions for different heights and ground conditions
  • Engineers – EA, National Highways, BBA, UKCA and HAPAS approved, Redi-Rock has in-built precast strength against freeze-thaw cycles making it perfect for projects
  • Sustainability – with a 120-year design life and manufactured using over 25% of PFA materials to provide a sustainable solution for a wide variety of applications, walls can be dismantled and relocated so if your project changes.
  • Owners - offering more land-take and with minimum to no maintenance required, Redi-Rock is a real winner
  • • Local population - with the aesthetically pleasing natural stone finish that Redi-Rock offers, means it blends perfectly into or compliments the local environment, making everyone happy

Flood walls, built using Redi-Rock walling not only protects against rising sea levels, coastal flooding and erosion today but can be added to later, making them a secure, sustainable, added value, future proof answer to climate change.

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