Helliers Lane, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3FG


Brandwell Construction


Flat Pack Chambers,
Combined Pump & Valve Chamber

Project Brief

Installation of a bespoke foul pump into a particularly poor ground with a high water table without holding up building work on the site.

Marshalls Civils and Drainage Solution

Marshalls Civils and Drainage's precast concrete Off Site Solutions team who came up with a prefitted 2100mm diameter pump chamber and an 1800mm x 2400mm x 2000mm deep valve chamber that fitted the bill, saving on both time on money.

Client Comments

“From setting up pumps to deal with the high water table and establishing the temporary works to provide the earthworks to support both the pump chamber and valve chamber were placed and back filled within eleven working days. The integrity of the design gave the team involved the security that the chambers would not leak and the accuracy of the manufacture within the chambers was so good that the installation of the pump gear that could have taken four days was completed in just over one. Facing a similar challenge in the future, be it with a pumping station or a large control manhole, I would certainly discuss with Marshalls Civils and Drainage again.”

Symon Wheeler – Brandwell Construction
Helliers Lane
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