M3, Junction 3, Hook, RG27 9HU


Overflow Chambers,
Section Component Hydro-Brake Chambers,
Penstock Chambers,
Hydro-Brake Chambers,
Flow Control Chambers

Project Brief

To construct an additional lane at the northbound diverge for the M3 and associated works which included earthworks, drainage, safety barrier installation and surfacing.

Marshalls Civils Drainage Solution

Marshalls Civils & Drainage Hydrobrakes® had to be retrofitted on to previously laid drainage using band seals to connect into the chamber. The Hydrobrake® included a series of 8 flow control chambers, 1 x 3000mm, 1 x 2400mm, 4 x 2100mm and 2 x 1500mm diameter.

Client Comments

“Fitting the Hydro-brakes after the drainage had been laid shows that the chambers do not have to be constructed on line and as such the lead time for site means that the works can continue and the wait for delivery does not become a holding point for the contractor.”

Sharon Sutton, BAM Nuttall Section Engineer

M3 Junctions 3 and 4
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