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Bron Afon

Marshalls Civils & Drainage protects homes from flood water in South Wales

Redi-Rock™ from Marshalls Civils & Drainage is now protecting homes adjacent to the banks of the Afon Llwyd river in Pontnewydd, South Wales, where existing defences had previously been eroded.

Bron Afon, a local community housing trust, embarked on the work with contractor, Noel Fitzpatrick to address the risk of flooding to a number of their properties that back on to the river. Gabion baskets were initially considered for creating a retaining wall, however this was later rejected as a solution due to the time and cost involved.

Noel Fitzpatrick discovered Redi-Rock™ in their search for an alternative, which began a collaborative relationship between Marshalls Civils & Drainage working with Robert Price Builders’ Merchants and the contractor to provide concept solutions, installation guidance and pricing. The ease with which Redi-Rock™ can be installed, coupled with the reduced requirement for labour and minimal additional construction materials meant there were a range of benefits including overall cost savings. In addition, as the Cobblestone Redi-Rock™ texture was chosen, the new retaining wall complemented the local surroundings and provided a natural aesthetic which is an attractive addition for local residents.

Pat Gallagher, from Noel Fitzpatrick, said:

“We were tasked with renewing the retaining structure on the banks for the Afon Llwyd River at River Row Pontypool. Due to the difficulty of access and the location of the wall in the river, it was decided the Marshalls Redi-Rock system would be perfect for the job."

“With support from the Marshalls and Robert Price team a suitable design was agreed on with a simple layout drawing for ease of installation. It was our first time with the product; however we found the install process simple and straightforward, which allowed for a quick install and completion of the job."

“The system also showed significant cost savings against other systems such as gabion baskets, which we were able to pass onto the client. We were impressed with the finish of the wall and how the structure looks in the River. We would definitely use this system again.”

In addition to cost savings, aesthetic advantages and time saving benefits, Redi-Rock™ also comes with 120-year design life providing complete reassurance in the long-term. For further information on our Redi-Rock™ modular walls, contact redirock-enquiries@marshalls.co.uk . 

River Row, Pontypool
River Row, Pontypool
River Row, Pontypool
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