Combined kerb and drainage for effective water management

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Combined kerb and drainage for effective water management

Our award-winning combined kerb and drainage approach offers a cost-effective surface water management method with an efficient, high-flow channel system within the structure of the kerb.

Designed to collect surface water run-off and offer protection from stormwater as well extend the project lifecycle, improve the environment and increase safety for road users.

The Marshalls Design team are available to help with your designs, using the Standards for Highways, they give solutions that are best for your project, with design calculations, drainage layouts, material take-offs and component schedules on products that include:

  • Beany® Block - with over 3 million linear metres installed, Beany Block is a reliable effective, medium to high capacity drainage solution that has been used by professionals since the 1980s. With a reputation for solving drainage issues where other systems may fail, or where project restrictions make other solutions impractical, our Beany Block combines the largest capacity with a loading classification up to E600.
  • Mini Beany® - delivering a medium capacity water solution, with excellent flow rates alongside a robust concrete construction makes it the ideal choice for low to medium capacity needs, and areas with abnormally heavy wheel loads. Our two-piece Mini Beany offers customers a choice of top finishes to complement a wide range of projects, from urban to rural environments.
  • Mono Beany® - with a D400 loading classification, Mono Beany is suitable for all road-going vehicles across a variety of applications. Available in two depths and Mono Beany construction combines high-strength M-Tech concrete, cast around a 100% recycled polyethylene core, which provides superior hydraulic flow rates and a long-lasting solution to kerb drainage.
  • Bridge Beany® - If you need a bridge drainage solution that’s environmentally sustainable, has various loading requirements dependant on your project and is a trouble-free, Type I system, then Bridge Beany is your answer. Produced using 80% of recycled materials that can be repeatedly cleaned and re-laid, the Bridge Beany system is 100% reclaimable, time and time again, proving to be a real winner in terms of quality and sustainability.

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