beany block roadside in Blackpool

Combined kerb and drainage for effective water management

Combined kerb and drainage offers a cost-effective approach to water management, providing an efficient high-flow channel system within the structure of a kerb.

The original Beany Block one-piece kerb and drainage unit combines large flow capacity and the strongest loading classification with robust concrete construction for easy installation.

For low to medium capacity road drainage, the Mini Beany combined kerb and drainage system delivers excellent surface water removal, minimising damage during installation with its simple design. Both offer a choice of finishes suitable for urban and rural developments.

Single piece Mono Beany provides another low to medium capacity solution, with high strength M-Tech concrete and a recycled inner plastic core construction. The flexible Bridge Beany one-piece kerb and drainage system offers compatibility with the various Beany systems to provide a total water management solution for highways and carriageways.

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