Water Management

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Water Management

Concrete is a sustainable product and is environmentally friendly and Marshalls Civils & Drainage has developed a range of solutions for water management including harvesting, storage, flow control and treatment. Our commitment to sustainable solutions also extends to products for stormwater management, flood protection, wastewater management and flood prevention as the working life of a precast concrete tank exceeds that of other materials.

Precast concrete pipes and tanks will not puncture under pressure and have many advantages over other materials for the storage of water as it minimises the growth of algae and therefore doesn’t impact on the efficiency of pumps and valves within the storage tank.

Flood Protection
With the effects of environmental concerns being felt on a daily basis, Marshalls Civils & Drainage continues to be at the forefront of product development and sustainability and has in turn developed a range of flood protection products.

Wastewater Management
Whether it be a domestic or commercial project, Marshalls Civils & Drainage can supply precast concrete modular tanks, wall panels, flat pack chambers, circular chamber systems, surge flushing manholes, valve chambers or wet well chambers which will save you on both installation costs and time spent on site.

Rainwater Management
Rainwater management systems offer a cost effective solution to the growing dilemma of water storages and management throughout the United Kingdom.

Stormwater Management
We can advise you on a large range of precast concrete stormwater management systems - whether they be attenuation systems, stormwater control or stormwater treatment, we have the answer, with precast products that suit a wide range of construction projects and drainage schemes.

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