bridge beany

Bridge Beany

If you want to ensure that you are installing a surface water solution that has the lowest cost over its lifetime, is environmentally sustainable, meets your loading requirements and provides a trouble-free drainage solution, make sure it’s a Type I system – our Bridge Beany is.

With proven durability, strength and impact resistance, our ductile iron Bridge Beany is a proud member of the award-winning Marshalls Beany range.

Offering a tailored, value-engineered combined kerb and drainage solution that can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with other products in our Beany range, the Bridge Beany is a great surface water management solution, that helps keep our roads and highways safe from surface water flooding.

Made in the UK, allowing for shorter supply and delivery routes, the Bridge Beany is a real sustainability winner, when compared to other products, as its produced using 80% of recycled materials and can be repeatedly cleaned and re-laid. 100% reclaimable, time and time again, the Bridge Beany is a real winner in terms of sustainability.

  • Type I system (no haunching)
  • Fully compatible with other CKD solutions
  • One-piece Cast Iron unit
  • Manufactured made using 80% recycled materials
  • D400 loading classification available

Price Range

  • £
  • £
  • £

Maximum Loading Classification
This is the maximum loading for the product.

However this is subject to using the appropriate installation method, bond pattern and the sub-base design.

For tailored support with a pavement design, please contact us:

D400 Type I BS EN 1433

NBSPlus Codes

Q10 190

Drainage Capacity

Low to Medium



0345 302 0400

Certifications, Accreditations & Credentials

  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon Renewable Energy Logo
  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon Made in Britain Logo
  • Accreditation Sustainability icon Recycled Water Logo
  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon Reduced Cement Content 15 Logo
  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon Prevents Flooding Logo
  • Accreditation Marshalls certified ISO 9001 quality management systems FM 00004 Logo
  • Accreditation Marshalls certified ISO 14001 environmental management EMS 56194 Logo
  • Accreditation Marshalls certified ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management OHS 69609 Logo
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