Dry Weather Flow Pipes

Marshalls Civils & Drainage has developed an offsite solution for the requirement of installing a dry-flow channel into flexible jointed concrete pipes to respond to the needs of contractors and designers alike.

The machine made one-piece concrete drainage channel solution is available in a 1500mm concrete pipes with channel options of 150mm, 225mm and 300mm and increases the water flow velocity, allowing flow to move freely preventing the settlement of solids or water in the system.

When flooding or high flow levels are in action, the open channel overflows, stimulating the full volume of pipe which enables the water and sewage to move freely, during both high and low flow levels, eliminating blockages in the system.

Benefits of the system include:

  • Removes confined space working on-site.
  • Offsite solution enabling a reduction in on-site construction time.
  • Can reduce costs associated with in-situ construction by 50%.
  • Can reduce over-pumping costs by 15%.
  • Can be included as part of Offsite Attenuation components.

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