Mid Entry Manholes

Mid entry manholes are usually used for mid run access into either in-line or off-line tanks and consist of a standard pipe with a saddle slab and cored access hole. The saddle slab has a joint for a 1200mm sealed manhole to fit onto and can be further reduced to resist access for cameras only.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced work in open excavation.
  • Eliminates wet trades ​work.
  • Manufactured under factory conditions to ensure quality.
  • Side entry manholes are manufactured to specific to customer needs.
  • Surrounded in-situ concrete.

Available from 1350mm and above, the system is designed for access only with a winch or via removable ladder into the main tank and can be supplied with a separate bend to provide a change of direction should you wish.

Precast concrete mid entry manholes are classified as a junction/bend within the scope of BS EN 1916:2002.



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