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Premier Screed

Marshalls' Premier Screed is a high quality, fast-drying product - perfect for time-critical projects where early application of the final finish is required.

These factory-produced screeds incorporate performance admixtures, designed to reduce free-water in the mix, increase strength and accelerate drying time. Premier Screed increases the rate of drying to 3mm of depth per day, (three times faster than conventional screeds.)

Look to Premier Screed HD for a heavy-duty version, primarily used in industrial and commercial sectors for projects where increased loading or impact may be prevalent.

Polypropylene strengthening fibres feature as standard in Premier Screed and Premier Screed HD.

This high performance levelling screed is certified to BS EN 13813 and is CE marked.

  • Accelerated drying time
  • Thinner laying section: 45-50mm
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Fibre reinforcement
  • Heavy Duty Option

Carbon Footprint

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Product Name id Colour Carbon Footprint
Premier Screed PRS Premier Screed Premier Unallocated 0 kg CO2