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Ready To Use Mortar

Marshalls provides a range of ready to use mortars that can be delivered direct to site or collected from your local depot. All mortars are set-retarded for ease of delivery, use and storage. Small or large quantities are available to meet your requirements.

Our ready to use mortars are manufactured to BS EN 998-2 under a quality management system certified to ISO 9001 and are regularly tested in accordance with British and European standards. All our mortars are CE marked.

All our mortars are computer-batched to exacting tolerances and are pan-mixed, using the finest raw materials. Workability and performance is guaranteed and our range of mortars are also available in a variety of colours to suit any aesthetic consideration, (see Coloured Mortar.)

HD Mortar is a bespoke heavy-duty mortar mix, specifically designed for use with low absorption bricks and blocks and heavy stone units. This product encompasses all the standard benefits of ready-to-use mortar whilst offering increased stiffness and cohesiveness to deliver the performance characteristics required in this application.

When applied in accordance with current Codes of Practice, our ready-to-use mortars are guaranteed to last the design life of any structure.

Please note, natural mortar colour may vary with location.

  • Manufactured to the latest British and European standards
  • Computer-batched to exacting tolerances
  • Performance assured
  • Available in a wide variety of colours
  • Heavy duty option available
  • Will last the design life of a structure
Product Name ID
HD Mortar HD Mortar
M12 Natural M12 Natural
M4 Natural M4 Natural
M6 Natural M6 Natural
Paving Mix Paving Mix