Side & Mid Entry Manholes

A side or mid entry manhole complete with a bend is an economic method for accessing a precast tank system, eliminating the requirement for a traditional manhole and is usually used for mid access into an in-line run requiring a change of direction. It consists of side or mid entry manhole that incorporates a bend in the barrel of the pipe.

The side and mid entry manhole is available from 1200mm or 1350mm, depending upon the bend angle and manhole type, sealed manhole shafts can be used to makeup the desired height with double steps or ladders being fitted to permit access.

A side and mid entry manhole complete with a bend is classified as a junction/bend within the scope of BS EN 1916:2002.

Benefits include:

  • Cost effective solution.
  • Bespoke option made to suit site requirements.
  • Made from standard products for easy installation.



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