Standard Screed

Suitable for use in a wide range of domestic and trade projects, Marshalls' ready-to-lay semi-dry traditional screeding provides a quality assured floor-levelling solution.

This standard screed mix is factory batched and can be tailored to suit your exacting requirements.

Polypropylene strengthening fibres feature as standard to increase tensile strength and durability and to inhibit cracking. The use of fibres in our floor screed increases tensional strength, impact resistance and overall durability, whilst inhibiting plastic shrinkage cracking, settlement cracking, and thermal cracking induced by freeze / thaw cycles.

All Marshalls’ screeds are set-retarded to give ample time for placing and finishing.

  • Available for delivery or collection
  • Loose-tipped or in bulk bags
  • Barrow or pump mix
  • Terrazzo tile-bedding screed available
  • Designed to exceed British and European minimum strength requirements

Carbon Footprint

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Product Name id Carbon Footprint
Stabilised Sand CBS Stabilised Sand 0 kg CO2
Fibre Screed STS Standard Screed 0 kg CO2
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