Up-Flo™ Filters

Fluidised Bed Up-Flow Filtration System

The Up-Flo™ Filter is an innovative surface water filtration technology that delivers a high-performance multi-stage treatment train within a single device.

The Up-Flo™ Filter combines sedimentation and screening with fluidised bed filtration technology to deliver high levels of performance.


  • Modular filtration components allow you to adapt your design to meet catchment needs.
  • The Up-Flo™ Filter combines pre-treatment, screening and filtration, delivering highly efficient multi-stage treatment in one device.
  • Higher loading rates result in a small treatment footprint, which saves construction time and money and makes for an easier installation.
  • No moving parts means there is less opportunity for treatment disruption, while the design is suited to long-term maintenance. Longer media life means longer service intervals, and media bags are easily removed and replaced.



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Certifications, Accreditations & Credentials

  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon Renewable Energy Logo
  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon Made in Britain Logo
  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon 100  Recyclable Logo
  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon Reduced Packaging Logo
  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon Reduced Cement Content 15 Logo
  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon Prevents Flooding Logo
  • Accreditation Marshalls certified ISO 9001 quality management systems FM 00004 Logo
  • Accreditation Marshalls certified ISO 14001 environmental management EMS 56194 Logo
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