Retaining Walls


Retaining Walls

What is Redi-Rock™?

Redi-Rock™ retaining walls are a proven solution for a wide range of retaining, force protection, landscaping and flood protection applications. The BBA approved ‘big block system’ offers a range of textures, with the appearance of natural stone and is versatile enough to achieve height without compromising on strength.

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You have three finishes to choose from

Redi-Rock™ offers you freedom of choice, available in three different finishes (Cobblestone, Ledgestone and Limestone) that can be coloured to suit your surroundings.

Please note that the colours shown may vary and exact colours cannot be guaranteed. All products are supplied without colour unless specified before your order.

Cobblestone finish

The Cobblestone Redi-Rock™ block gives you the appearance of a chiselled Cobblestone texture that has the look of six small blocks and gives the wall a more natural uniformed look – when it comes to classic good looks, Cobblestone is your block.

Ledgestone finish

The Ledgestone Redi-Rock™ block offers you a deep, random, stacked stone textured wall, which blends in beautifully with natural stone. The individual blocks are nearly indistinguishable and therefore gives the impression of a natural, random stone wall.

Limestone finish

The Limestone Redi-Rock™ block has a quarried face that looks great on large scale projects. The one-tonne textured blocks give walls an impressive finished appearance.
What is the weight of the blocks and how do I handle them on site? keyboard_arrow_down

The weight of the blocks obviously depends on which block you have. Our most popular middle block – 1040mm series weighs 1066kg. Other weights and dimensions can be found by downloading our brochure from our website or speaking to our retaining wall team.

To make life easier for installers, our retaining walls have been designed to be handled by equipment usually found on any site. As a minimum, we would recommend a small excavator and a 1 – 3-person crew. Our retaining walls are delivered ready to build, in any weather, with no further work required from site personnel.

What is the design life of the blocks? keyboard_arrow_down

Our retaining walls have a design life of 120 years, and can be moved and re-built in a different location should your plans change – the ultimate sustainable walling solution.

What do you need to price my wall? keyboard_arrow_down

To price your wall, we need to know the length and height or levels of your wall. If available, site plans and wall locations in AutoCAD format, plus any design outputs you may already have using our free software, loading for the top of the wall and terrain slope angles behind the wall would also be beneficial.

If we have the length and height of your wall, we will make and state assumptions on slope angle, along with an outline diagram. Please note that if plans are supplied in PDF format, it may limit the accuracy of the quotation, due to scaling.

Will you design my wall? keyboard_arrow_down

With two manufacturing units in the UK, we supply the walling only. We can recommend structural engineers to support you with your structural designs. However, we will support you with a sketcher and supporting wall concept sections, this includes a block count and of course a price for the walling blocks. All design outputs will need to be approved by your design engineer.

What approvals do your retaining walls hold? keyboard_arrow_down

As a leading UK manufacturer of landscaping and building products, we hold ISO 9001, 50001, 14001, 45001 certificates, along with Achilles Building Confidence certificate and are Gold Members of the Sustainability Supply School. All of which are available at

Our retaining wall products have BBA and UKCA approval, and are CE Marked. Along with approval from the Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS) and are British Kitemarked under PAS 68 certification.

What sizes do your blocks come in? keyboard_arrow_down

We offer three sizes of blocks, 710, 1040 and 1520 series, with top, middle and bottom blocks available as standard. We also make half, freestanding, corner and capping blocks and coping stones. For actual sizes, please visit our website to download our brochure or speak to our retaining wall team.

What heights can the retaining walls achieve? keyboard_arrow_down

Due to the versatility and strength of our walling, our freestanding walls can go up to 2 metres high without design. Gravity retaining walls can be built up to 6 metres high, with reduced excavation and a smaller footprint. This offers you a larger land take than other walling options. Reinforced retaining walls can be built up to 15 metres high and support heavy load areas.

What foundation is needed for retaining walls? keyboard_arrow_down

Existing soils must be removed to the bottom of the levelling pad. The base and back of the excavation should expose fresh, undisturbed soil or rock. When compacting the foundation, you need to follow the guidance of compacting in 100mm/150mm layers, making suitable amounts of passes.

This will ensure that in the medium to long-term, you do not have any undulations in the wall lines. When laying down dry mix, if you use a pair of screed rails and run in a 15mm to 25mm layer, you will achieve a flat bed in order to lay the bottom blocks. This generally, makes the laying of bottom blocks faster to install too, as you do not have to spend time lifting and shovelling sand-cement mix under and levelling it off.

What blocks can I have? keyboard_arrow_down

We have four faces to choose from, Cobblestone, Limestone, Ledgestone and Smooth.

Cobblestone gives a more uniformed, natural look with a chiselled texture that has the appearance of six small blocks in one. Limestone offers a quarried face, ideal for large scale projects and Ledgestone is a deep, random textured block. In contrast, our Smooth gives a sleek, contemporary look.

Is wall maintenance required? keyboard_arrow_down

Unlike other walling systems where rubbish can be disposed of, our walling requires the minimum of maintenance. Our planters need to be weeded like any other garden landscape product but our natural stone walling will weather over time and blend into their surroundings effortlessly.

How many blocks can be built in a day? keyboard_arrow_down

Whilst we can offer a guide on this, it is dependent on your project conditions and labour. For example, on an A road project in Stoke, the Carnell Group, working on behalf of Kier Construction, installed a 270-metre-long by 2.15-metre-high wall, within 25 hours, split over 5-hour night shifts to reduce disruption to the local road users.

On a housing development in Tutbury, Friel Homes, reduced their build programme from 5 weeks to just 8 days, using our retaining walls. This also included training the operatives, with a 50-metre-long by 2.5-metre-high wall being built in just over a week.


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