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Building Information Modelling

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling is an increasingly prevalent method of sharing information for construction projects. By 2016, it will be mandatory for all public procured projects to be delivered in BIM format. But, what exactly is BIM and what potential does it hold for landscape projects?

A BIM (Building Information Model) is a digital prototype of the physical and functional characteristics of an individual product or entire project. Models include in-depth, structured information such as product material, manufacturer and weight specifications and enable parties in a project process to share knowledge with ease – from the earliest stages through to post-construction appraisal and maintenance.

The ultimate aim of BIM is to bring efficiencies to every stage of construction, saving all parties time and money with a streamlined method of sharing data and managing projects.

Marshalls & BIM?

During the construction and project delivery process, Marshalls act as a supplier providing hard landscaping products. In order to improve collaboration with stakeholders, the BIM process provides the structure to share relevant information.

Marshalls is BIM compliant with UK Government BIM Level 2. Working with appropriate standards and protocols, we are able to provide high quality 3D objects of our products which contain data rich information. This linked to match clients’ requirements will help them to make better informed decisions during the design process.

Our BIM Objects will enable customers to quickly and easily deploy Marshalls’ products in their designs.

The 3D objects can be easily found on bimstore, SketchUp 3D Warehouse or can be provided on request by the client.

Marshalls BIM CPD

As part of our 360 services, we also offer 30-minute BIM CPD sessions, covering:

  • An introduction to BIM and the basics
  • The role of the supplier
  • The technical aspects of BIM
  • Guidance and standards for BIM
  • BIM, Data and Geometry

The session is designed to give you a better understanding of BIMs potential for hard landscaping and introduce you to the benefits you could enjoy. For more information please contact our design team at