Locharbriggs Quarry, Dumfries, -3.582448


Falconer Chester Hall

Project summary

The £65m development consists of two 10-storey blocks designed to house 700 students. The bespoke fan-shaped radiused fa├žade was engineered from Marshalls Locharbriggs sandstone, quarried from Dunfries and Galloway.  The red to pink sandstone is used throughout Glasgow so was sourced for this project to ensure the building harmonises with the city’s traditional architecture such as the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum which is situated nearby.


Marshalls provided extra-large elongated portrait panels that were mechanically fixed to a rainscreen cladding system, creating an extraordinary contemporary effect. The plan size of the rainscreen panels was selected to accommodate the building’s radial exterior with the thinner width seemingly curving around the impressive structure. Marshalls also provided coping units in the same Locharbriggs sandstone. 

Stone description

A Permian sandstone from the Locharbriggs Quarry in Dumfries. A new red sandstone with technical properties ideal for rainscreen cladding, ashlar and masonry products.

Project Details

Stone Supplier: Marshalls

Stone Type: Locharbriggs Sandstone

Description: Permian Sandstone

Quarry: Locharbriggs Quarry

Product: Rainscreen Cladding

Project Type: Residential

Architect: Falconer Chester Hall

Location: Locharbriggs, Scotland


Locharbriggs Quarry


A Permian sandstone from the Locharbriggs Quarry in Dumfries, Scotland, Locharbriggs is one of the oldest and largest actively worked red sandstone quarries in Scotland today. Extensive reserves are readily available. Quarried since the 18th century, this red to pink medium grained sandstone is widely specified across Scotland and England.

Locharbriggs Sandstone - West Village
Locharbriggs Sandstone - West Village
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