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Global road transport activity was over 50% below the 2019 average by the end of April 2020, with a significant change seen in transport behaviour due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Passenger transport demand has significantly reduced due to a combination of government lockdowns and fears of contracting, and spreading, the virus when using mass transport modes.

As a response to the pandemic the Government has encouraged active travelling which has led to walking and cycling becoming two of the most common methods of commuting.

Funded by the Government’s Active Travel Fund, Bradford (West Yorkshire), was one of the first locations across many in the UK and worldwide to facilitate social distancing and the implementation of safe cycling and walking environments.


Marshalls Landscape Protection have supported Bradford Council by providing safe cycling measures which have been installed on Hall Ings Road and Wakefield Road; some of Bradford’s busiest transport routes.

The cycle segregation products supplied include the Zicla® Zebra® Zero 13, Impact Recovery Bollards and Swingbac Bollards. These offer safe segregated routes for cyclists, allowing them to navigate safely in and out of Bradford centre and surrounding locations.

The selected bollard variations provide a protective barrier to prevent vehicles on the road from invading the cycle lane. The flexible design ensures that on impact they retain their initial shape, avoiding the need of replacement, whilst also avoiding damage to vehicles in contact.

The Zicla® Zebra® Zero 13 assists in making any vehicle in interaction rebound and deflect back into the highway, ensuring the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. Manufactured with recycled plastic, the Zicla® Zebra® Zero 13 offers a sustainable solution and presents an opportunity to create a lasting change to how people move around the city.

All elements installed around Bradford to aid active travel requirements are available on quick lead times, and their surface mounted design allow active travel plans to be put in place quickly and effectively with limited disruption.

Highways, Design and Construction Principal Engineer, Chris Bedford said ‘the new segregated cycle lanes provide a safe means of travel for cyclists and have received a positive reaction from local cycle groups’.

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Bradford Transport Routes
Bradford Transport Routes
Bradford Transport Routes
Bradford Transport Routes
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