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Fairhurst Design Group (FDG)

The development of a new thoroughfare that navigated through the central spine of Brunel University, aimed to create a seamless course for its users to the estate’s many buildings. Heading the scheme were architects Fairhurst Design Group (FDG) who took total project management responsibility for its design and execution.

Marshalls’ initial pre-design discussion with FDG comprised a range of topics from suitability of materials; laying patterns relating to their technical and aesthetic requirements; installation advice, namely the need for restraints and intermittent restraints, and answering issues already raised at site by the architect. CAD drawings showing layout solutions were also later presented detailing specific requirements for the project.

A key issue of the project was the suitability of reducing the dead load over a footbridge. Meeting with the engineer, Marshalls clarified that a reduction in the depth of material to be installed, from 80 mm to 60 mm, was feasible without any detriment to its performance for this application. This was supported by sound technical advice and assurances by Marshalls.

To ensure a successful project, Marshalls was also involved in pre-contract meetings with the client to establish they had received the best service possible. Further on-site support was given where delivery schedules were organised to make certain the contractor could efficiently conduct his works; laying patterns explained, to meet the architect’s desired effect and maintenance advice given for the future contractors.

By working closely with the project team throughout the scheme, Marshalls’ involvement led to a high quality, durable and aesthetically appealing conclusion to the project

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