Hortonwood 60, Telford, TF1 7GL


Faccenda Foods


Tactile Hazard Warning Paving,
Keyblok Paving


Faccenda Foods is a leading UK food business delivering quality fresh and convenience food solutions to the retail and food service sectors.

A prestigious new development next door to the company’s existing production facility in Telford was planned to allow Faccenda Foods to meet growing demands by consolidating current portioning operations at one facility, while opening up existing factory spaces for existing and new range developments to deliver consistently higher value and better quality for customers nationwide.


Faccenda Foods’ redevelopment and expansion on the Telford site required the construction of safe and durable parking areas which blended with existing hard used within the Keyblok areas to identify restricted parking such as disabled spaces, and tactile blister paving was used at drop kerbs for enhanced safety.

For the immediate frontage to the building, Marshalls Pallas paving was selected. Pallas is an elegant combined concrete block and paving range using the highest quality aggregates, combining colour with a highly polished texture. This premium paving range is designed Client: Faccenda Foods Contractor: A & H Construction Products Used: Keyblok Block Paving, Pallas Block Paving, Conservation Textured Step, Driveline Channel, Hazard Warning and Kerb to accent contemporary architecture and enhance landscapes with a modern feel. Hard landscaping around the site was further enhanced with the use of a selection of kerbs and special textured step units to achieve a non slip finish.


The finished project has achieved a successful blend with existing hard landscaping on the site, creating premium, safe car parking areas. Use of Pallas at the entrance to the building demonstrates how hard landscaping can successfully enhance the aesthetics of any development.

Faccenda Food Factory, Telford
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