25 Shoe Ln, London, EC4A 4AU


Goldman Sachs


Gross Max


Scoutmoor Yorkstone,
Prospero Granite,
Callisto Granite

Christian O’Keefe, Contract Project Engineer, City of London:
“The level of detail from the Marshalls team facilitated us with the design and construction of these bespoke products. 3D modelling, unit scheduling, design parameters, logistics and installation guidance were among the key features provided as part of the overall service that aided to deliver this world class public space.”

When Goldman Sachs called upon Gross Max and the City of London to provide plans to landscape the area surrounding their newly built headquarters, nobody could envision the designs they would dream up.

The aim was to create a harmonious outdoor space for workers and visitors to move around and relax. A space that felt like it belonged, marrying with the surroundings. Marshalls were honoured when approached by Gross Max and the City of London to be part of the team needed to make their plans a reality.

Intricate features including a bespoke retaining wall and planters

Hand masonry, skilled engraving, 3D Printing and excellent craftsmanship were all called upon to help deliver a design led, functional scheme which pays homage to the local history and surrounding streets.

Seven planters, housed within 3,500 square meters of paving, were etched into the plans for Farringdon Street and Shoe Lane. Anti-skate detail sympathetically incorporated into the curves of the design that cleverly replicate the outline of the Goldman Sachs building.

A highly intricate, interlocking and overlapping retaining wall feature on the aptly named ‘Stonecutter Street’ integrated two flights of steps and an intermediate landing. The designs embracing the interchanging levels of the area, creating the illusion of a seamless space. A desire to create a look as though it has come straight from the quarry was proposed for the feature, a nod to the Stonecutter Street that they would sit upon.

What would seem like irregular placed large solid blocks of stone interrupting the perimeter, providing an integrated security solution.

Taking a plan and making it a reality

Christian O’Keefe, Contract Project Engineer, City of London, said:
“The City have a long standing relationship with Marshalls, the market leading supplier of natural stone products, providing the highest quality and sustainable stone in the world, Marshalls were our first choice of suppliers for this major public realm project, where both bespoke elements and standard paving choices are abundant throughout. The team headed up by Dave Stanger, Gordon Hines and Jason Taljaard provided the knowledge, technical expertise and passion to convey this landscape architects vision into delivered bespoke products to the streets of the City of London”.

Dave Stanger, Trading Director, Marshalls:
“These are exactly the sort of projects we love to get involved with. Designs that challenge us and make individuals from different skill sets come together to make them a reality. These sorts of projects call up on our skilled designers to collaborate with Landscape Architects and contractors. They allow us to utilise the close working relationships we have forged with our suppliers and the expertise and passion we have for natural stone”.

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Carved and hand painted address for 25 Shoe Lane
Goldman Sachs Moodboard
Flamed Callisto granite planters
Anti skate detailing
Prospero retaining wall
Goldman Sachs Stonecutter Street
Natural Stone Integrated Street Protection
Natural Stone Integrated Street Protection
Retaining wall
Unique interlocking retaining wall
Retaining wall plan
3D model of retaining wall
3D model of retaining wall
Hand finish Prospero granite
Retaining Wall in Production
Retaining Wall in Production
Retaining Wall in Production
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