Robinson's Shaft, Dudnance Lane, Pool, TR15 3QY




Imperial Red Porphyry


The Heartlands world heritage site was the result of the long held ambition to redevelop the site of Robinsons tin mine shaft near Pool in West Cornwall. The site celebrates the ‘big three’ mined minerals of copper and tin metals and also arsenic which were mined there and also links into other mines around the area at East Pool, King Edward, Geevor, Poldark and Wheal Martyn.

Locally the Red river has been intrinsically linked to the mining industry and even the name comes from the tin mining industry whose waste used to colour the water red. Its water was used both in the separation process of mining and as a source of power. The river has over the past few centuries been diverted, canalised, and altered as required for industry.

The Heartlands red river water feature design by LUC is an acknowledgement of the vital importance of the river to the mining industry. The general geometric shape and angular changes of direction acknowledge the influence that man has had on this river over time.

When choosing materials for this feature the colour choice was obvious. After considering several red options the choice was made to use an specific all red Porphyry. The material is very consistently red and the flame texturing required to make this safe for pedestrians has little effect on the colour. When wet the red stone is further enhanced and becomes a truly red river.

Heartlands, Cornwall
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