Beamish Close, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 1SD


Bedfordshire Council


Morgan Sindall

Morgan Sindall took advantage of the full suite of Marshalls 360 services to make the specification, design and installation of CBC’s North Depot as straightforward and seamless as possible – and managed to achieve significant cost savings in the process.

Permeable paving was the first choice to deal with surface water requirements on the site. The original design was drawn up as per the British Standard.

However, following a meeting with Marshalls Paving engineers, Morgan Sindall suggested they work in conjunction with Consulting Engineers Peter Dann to see if they could improve on the BS design. The resulting collaboration used Marshalls’ unique Priora sub-base designs to create a shallower system, completely removing a 125mm DBM layer. The resulting design was indemnified by the Marshalls Paving engineer and covered by the Marshalls design warranty, and saved just over £150,000 in upfront costs. Associated benefits also included reduced programme length and less construction traffic, which will have lowered both the H&S risk and carbon footprint of the project.

Helen Butcher, Marshalls’ Key Account Manager for Morgan Sindall, said, “This is a great example of how early engagement produces the best results. By maintaining open relationships with key stakeholders every step of the way, we were able to provide as much or as little support as required”.

Tom Emerton, Marshalls Paving Engineer, added, “We were able to complement Peter Dann’s team with specialist advice about our products and systems. Agreeing clear boundaries about workstreams ensured that the resulting designs were completed efficiently and on time”.

When it came to installation, Subcontractor Loftus Construction worked with the Marshalls Contractor Account team to ensure that the supply and delivery of Marshalls products was completed as required by the schedule.

Thomas Martin, Morgan Sindall Project Manager, said, “Working with Marshalls gave us more than just a massive cost saving - collaborating with their team ensured that we got the best solution delivered in the shortest time frame. Without their input we probably wouldn’t have won the job. We’ll definitely be following the same process for future projects”.

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