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Project Brief

During heavy and prolonged rainfall, the River Hem (which flow adjacent to the main Paddington to Penzance railway line) rises significantly and has resulted in the erosion of the embankment.


Marshalls Civils and Drainage's Solution

To reduce the risk of the embankment falling, Marshalls Civils and Drainage Redi-Rock modular walling has been used to provide stability to the embankment.

Marshalls Civils and Drainage Redi-Rock walling was deemed the best solution by AMCO as consent had to be obtained from the Environment Agency not to reduce the width of the river once the wall was complete and to ensure the prevention of silt being washed downstream. To overcome this straw bales and sedi mats were used and a temporary sand bag was placed around the area to allow the workforce to excavate and lay the wall foundations. Due to the location of the embankment, the one tonne blocks were transported across farm land and lifted in to place over the river with little disruption to the local livestock, who had access to the river to drink.
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