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Natural Elements® Seat,
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Bristol Paintworks is a hugely successful brownfield renovation project, transforming a decaying, disused industrial site into a thriving place to live and work.

The scheme’s concept was founded on nature, with a desire to create a subtle Mediterranean look and feel using appropriate planting, landscaping and paving. Marshalls Modal Paving and Natural Elements benches were chosen to help complete the vision.

With the development aiming for a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating level benchmark, use of the Natural Elements range proved a real benefit; all these products use FSC certified timber to match the BREEAM standards. Initial discussions had focussed on designing bespoke benches, but the Natural Elements benches were found to meet all the style and performance criteria for the project, with modular elements to allow for the necessary flexibility and customisation.

Discussions with Marshalls also allowed for a further degree of customisation in terms of alteration to the lengths of the seats and benches, which created an elegant elongated look to complement the surrounding mixed use space.

When it came to the paving, Marshalls Modal paving was chosen not only for its natural look, but also because it allowed for a greater choice of design due to the number of different plan sizes and colour options. Overall, the flexibility and bespoke options of Marshalls products helped to give Bristol Paintworks its naturally unique finish.  

The project has been hailed a great success and is likely to be nominated for a number of different architectural, design and community awards. This exciting development is considered to be one of the most successful schemes of its type in the country, and Bristol City Council has rated the scheme as an ‘Exemplary Site’.  

Testimonial from Crest Nicholson
“Paintworks is a unique development in maintaining a quality of design, use of natural materials and the creation of inviting public spaces which together create a delightful new community in the heart of Bristol. Marshalls products have certainly complemented the design vision on the project and add to the goal to create thoughtfully designed spaces.”

Paintworks, Bristol
Paintworks, Bristol
Paintworks, Bristol
Paintworks, Bristol
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