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Whitley Bay is a seaside town on the north coast of England, administered as part of the borough of North Tyneside in Tyne and Wear.

In 2007, North Tyneside Council announced plans to regenerate the seafront, covering the stretch from St Mary’s Lighthouse to Cullercoats Bay, along with plans to redevelop the Spanish City Dome. Originally completed in 1910, ‘The Dome’ became a hub of activity and interest, not only because it was home to many attractions, but because of its stunning architecture and design features.


As part of the £36m seafront masterplan, the two-tiered promenade involved the reconstruction of the 100 year old sea defences to offer robust defence against the current and future coastal conditions. This would also include the provision of new bespoke handrails and balustrades to help create a safe public realm area, along with the inclusion of lighting, litter bins and seating providing an area where pedestrians can sit and enjoy the scenic views and soak up the atmosphere.

North Tyneside Council had previously replaced a stretch of post and rail to the north of the central promenade scheme. In this phase of the project a local fabricator had manufactured a system which was non ROSPA compliant with a timber hand rail and a galvanised steel, powder coated post and rail system. The material selection had raised concerns over the capability of this structure coping in the north-east coastal location, known for its harsh saline and coastal conditions.

Having previously worked with Marshalls on many post and rail schemes, Hartlepool Council were keen to utilise Marshalls’ knowledge and expertise to develop a ROSPA compliant, custom-made system that would tie in to the surrounding design aesthetics, whilst offering the required level of durability.

Hand painted in the two-tone Whitley Bay colours of blue and green, the finished 5 rail bespoke system has a large unique oval shaped top handrail. The ferrocast® polyurethane material provides a safer and longer lasting design to the original timber and steel version along with the added bonus of a reduced maintenance strategy which will help save money over the years.

Marshalls also designed and developed a range of complementing street furniture products, tying in to the art deco colour scheme. These included litter bins and new lighting to extend the use of the promenade into the evening.

Spanish City Whitley Bay
Spanish City Whitley Bay
Spanish City Whitley Bay
Spanish City Whitley Bay
Spanish City Whitley Bay
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