Concrete Kerb Stones

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Concrete Kerb Stones

A concrete kerb is an essential addition to a road, cycleway or footpath. It has several uses, with its main purpose being to neatly create separation and visual delineation of walkways and other trafficked areas. Here at Marshalls, the kerb blocks available are suitable for a variety of applications in both commercial and civic spaces.

What is a concrete kerb?

Kerbs offer a series of functions. As well as creating a boundary between the carriageway and the pavement or the footpath and the areas beside it, they can help direct surface water into drainage systems; indicate where a person’s driveway is, which is useful when planning a housing project; and promote traffic calming, therefore creating a safer space for pedestrians, drivers and cyclists.    

Therefore, whether physically setting out the edge of the road or creating clear markers that direct the flow of traffic, a concrete kerb is a highly useful part of a road or pathway.

What are the benefits of choosing a concrete kerb?

Kerbs made from concrete are a popular choice. This is because precast concrete kerbs are durable and can withstand a range of weather conditions. In addition, they can be made to exact specifications, so they can be tailored to suit the project they are required for.  

What types of concrete kerb stones are available from Marshalls?

There are several styles and types of concrete kerb to choose from in the collection available at Marshalls. Narrow down the search by colour tones, which include brown, grey and red shades; as well as the finish, including aged, smooth, standard or textured. 

It’s also possible to choose by price. This means that, whatever the job, there is sure to be the concrete kerb stones to suit your budget.

How to shop by kerb stone style

Marshalls’ kerb blocks are available in a range of styles, including the standard kerb design as well as some more specialist options for bespoke projects. For example, the Conservation Kerb is precision-manufactured, offering the functionality of our British Standard Kerb and, thanks to its textured surface and contemporary granite aggregate, a superior aesthetic.

For a sophisticated kerb that combines practicality with style, Keyedge is an outstanding option. This type of concrete kerb edging comes in a choice of four colours and is used alongside the Marshalls’ Keyblok paving and flags collection, which also incorporates Keykerb.

Our specialist kerb options include Titan, a high containment concrete kerb that has been created to direct the flow of traffic and protect barriers and gates. There is also the Bus Stop Kerb, which is a two-piece system that is designed to help pedestrians easily access buses and, thanks to the optional rumble strip, direct drivers to the pavement edge.  

Choose the right concrete kerb stones for your project

This range of concrete kerb stones is designed to enhance roads, walkways and cycle lanes, and create a neat finish. Therefore, whatever your budget or the job you are working on, you are sure to find the perfect match at Marshalls.

Should you have questions about the collection, allow our team of kerb experts to help you select the appropriate kerb stones for the scheme you are working on. Browse our concrete kerbs to find out more or contact us today.

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