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Light grey kerb used in car park in front of office building.

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Durable natural stone kerbs

For low maintenance road solutions that promote great design and sustainability, Marshalls has an extensive collection of quality natural stone kerbs.

Supplied in different laying configurations to suit whatever dimensions are specified at the planning stage, our natural stone kerbs are available in a selection of colours and finishes to ensure aesthetic appeal as well as outstanding durability.

Natural stone kerb can serve as edging to delineate public-only walkways, providing long-term and robust protection for both footpaths and roads.

Select your preferred stone from the different finishes and colours available. Classic Brownridge Cambrian Sandstone can be supplied with a blasted surface, while the hard-wearing Galatea Granite Flamed  comes in fine picked and polished finishes for a superior-quality material.

Our sandstone products are all tested to UK standard and are all CE marked.

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