Permeable Concrete Block Paving

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Permeable Concrete Block Paving

At Marshalls, we specialise in permeable concrete block paving. This is because we understand the importance of effective drainage systems in commercial areas to help reduce the risk of local flooding.

However, we also appreciate that such systems should never impinge on the detail and design of a space’s aesthetic. From retail areas to pedestrian-only walkways, there needs to be the balance between functionality and beautiful design.

That’s why our permeable concrete flag paving is so well-suited to large pedestrianised areas. These permeable paving slabs reduce surface run-off water by allowing it to drain through the surface and into the sub-base, with no need for additional linear drainage systems.

What is permeable paving?

When you choose Marshalls’ permeable paving, you will find it works differently to typical paving materials. It is designed to allow rainwater to filter through the joints in the surface, trickling through to a specially prepared sub-base below the paving stones.

This sub-base forms an attenuation tank where the water is stored until it soaks into the ground below the permeable paving, or is channelled into a receiving watercourse at a controlled rate – or, in some instances, a combination of the two.

What are the benefits of choosing permeable paving?

There are several reasons to opt for permeable concrete paving when planning a commercial project. These include:

-       Reduced chance of flooding

If there is a lot of rainfall in a short space of time, this can impact on the drainage system. Permeable paving absorbs the water at source, diverting it away from drains and sewers.

-       Fewer puddles

Plenty of pedestrians can be put off from heading to the shops if they have to navigate puddles. Removing this problem with permeable setts can help to avoid this.

-       Filtration benefits

Water that falls on permeable concrete block paving will be naturally filtered as it flows through the level below the paving stones. Impurities are removed and this can help to prevent water pollution.  

Add to this the practicality of opting for permeable materials, making a commercial scheme such as a university campus or a pedestrianised part of a town centre a straightforward job.

How to shop by permeable paving style

Marshalls’ permeable block paving is available in a selection of styles and designs. The collection has been created to suit an array of commercial projects.

For example, our Priora Permeable Flag Paving not only looks great and will fit in with any design plans, but it also reduces flood water. It is ideal for pedestrian areas, and the options are endless when it comes to the finished aesthetic because colours can be mixed and matched between the natural and charcoal hues.

Alternatively, opt for Conservation Priora. This is a recent addition to our market-leading permeable paving range and is suitable for large plan surfaces in the public area. There are three colour options for this, along with three plan sizes, so it is possible to build a design around mixing and matching these permeable paving slabs.

For real variation, the Tegula Paving range incorporates five colour options and three plan sizes. The combination of styles that can be created with this paving option means it is suited to contemporary housing developments.


Choose the permeable paving for your project

Should you have questions about the collection, our team of experts is on hand to talk you through the permeable block paving options for the scheme you are working on. We provide advice, engineering and consultancy services across all of our products, so we can cover every aspect of your commercial project.

Take a look at the permeable design guide here and contact us with your questions.


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