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priora flag paving retail path


At Marshalls, we understand the importance of effective drainage systems in commercial areas to help reduce the risk of local flooding. However, we also appreciate that such systems should never impinge on the detail and design of a space’s aesthetic.

That’s why our permeable concrete flag paving is so well-suited to large pedestrianised areas. This permeable paving reduces surface run-off water by allowing it to drain through the base and into the sub-base, with no need for additional linear drainage systems.

Our Priora Flag Permeable Paving not only looks great and will fit in with any design plans, but it also reduces flood water. It’s ideal for pedestrian areas, and the options are endless when it comes to the finished aesthetic because colours can be mixed and matched.

Alternatively, opt for Conservation Priora, a recent addition to our market-leading permeable paving range, suitable for large plan surfaces in the public realm.

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