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Granite paving in retail shopping centre.


Marshalls’ granite products lend a stylish and elegant feel to any landscape scheme. There are many types of granite, depending on the percentages of minerals that make up the rock.

From warm buffs, reds and pinks through to a wide variety of cooler greys and black, the wide variety of colours within the different varieties allows for a great degree of flexibility.

Granite can be used to add a touch of colour and contrast to an existing build, or it can set the tone for an entirely new project. Whatever the scale of the landscape project you’re working on, granite adds visual appeal and is a must for any designer. With granite paving blocks, you can expect an eye-catching texture and choice of finish, plus a variety of stunning colours.In many projects, granite setts or paving blocks are laid in a mixture of colours to add even greater visual appeal – especially over larger areas. The ability to take a single stone colour and produce all the landscape elements makes granite a more flexible option for the designer – right down to the choice of granite kerbs and edgings.

That’s also why granite street furniture is proving a popular choice in public spaces. It’s suited to most environments, and when combined with granite kerbs or paving, it can produce a uniform effect that’s both eye-catching and versatile.

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