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Stainless steel bollards in a car park

Galvanised and stainless steel bollards

Marshalls’ steel bollards enable the creation of clear zoning and restriction of vehicular access, without compromising on aesthetics. From anti-ram, static steel bollards to removable bollards, there’s an option for every requirement.

An ideal option for effective demarcation of pedestrian and vehicular routes is the Sineu Graff Stainless Steel Top 40 501A Bollard. Requiring minimal maintenance, this steel bollard can withstand the demands of any urban environment.

Rhino stainless steel static bollards  add contemporary style and elegance while providing outstanding perimeter protection. The Rhino M3 Flat Top bollard is manufactured from a carefully selected grade of 316L stainless steel.

For a fully customisable bollard, the Geo range offers a comprehensives choice of fixing options, diameters, finishes and even PAS68 anti-terrorist options.

The Charm bollard offers functionality alongside a naturally-inspired design that is illuminated at night to improve safety. Incorporating galvanised steel, these durable bollards can be customised to suit any location or brand. They can be ordered in any RAL shade for delineation of areas, branding consistency or wayfinding.

Find the perfect steel bollard for your project in the Marshalls range.

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RhinoGuard® Geo Protective Bollard