Fletcher Bank Block Stone

Sourced from a British stone quarry in the UK, Fletcher Bank building block stone features buff tones and is perfect for usage by companies that add value to natural sandstone.

Featuring natural marbling and tones ranging from buff and grey to brown, this large sandstone block has been chosen for walling projects in Leeds and London. Fletcher Bank blocks are quarried in the North West of England and can be delivered to you for any project – from roofing and steps to masonry and facades.

Marshalls own the largest reserves of dimensional stone in the UK, quarried by its specialist minerals division.

This data is an indication of the future performance of the natural stone product only. Full testing and European Conformity marking (CE marking) is the responsibility of the contractor and/or stone processor selling the finished product. Marshalls accepts no liability for any reliance on information/images provided herein or for any contractor and/or stone processor failing to carry out its own testing and inspection. Test results may not be representative of the entire quarry. The information given is for guidance only and is subject to alteration without notice. Stone is a natural product which is subject to natural formation characteristics, significant variations in colour, texture and technical properties within the same range of stone. The stone image on this page is only as accurate as reprographic processes allow. Marshalls makes no representation or guarantee that the colour or texture shown on the datasheet is the same as that of the products delivered.

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