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Grassguard Paving

Combining the strength of concrete with the natural visual appeal of grass, Marshalls' Grassguard Paving minimises soil erosion caused by wheels, wind, water and pedestrian traffic to create a robust and long-lasting paving solution.

An innovative and aesthetically creative paving option, Grassguard not only aids the creative design of a project, but also improves the overall environmental impact.

The ratio of grass to concrete on the surface ensures a pleasing natural aesthetic, while the interlocking concrete grid structure protects the grass as it forms and ensures maximum structural support.

The inherent strength of Grassguard paving improves over time as grass growth becomes established and binds the paving and subgrade together to effectively support heavier loads and ensure the paving retains its durability.

  • Suitable for heavy traffic
  • Unique visual appeal
  • Structural support improves over time
  • Use with paving units no smaller than 160mm x160mm

Price Range

  • £
  • £
  • £

Maximum Loading Classification
This is the maximum loading for the product.

However this is subject to using the appropriate installation method, bond pattern and the sub-base design.

For tailored support with a pavement design, please contact us:

Category 5 - 0.05msa Pedestrian areas subjected to occasional overrun of commercial vehicles. Car parks receiving occasional commercial vehicular traffic.*Doesn't comply with this standard

NBSPlus Codes

Q24 124
Q24 126
Q24 128

Carbon Footprint

From 16 kg CO2 per m²

Certifications, Accreditations & Credentials

  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon Renewable Energy Logo
  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon Made in Britain Logo
  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon 100  Recyclable Logo
  • Accreditation Sustainability Icon Prevents Flooding Logo
  • Accreditation BES 6001 Logo
  • Accreditation Marshalls certified ISO 9001 quality management systems FM 00004 Logo
  • Accreditation Marshalls certified ISO 14001 environmental management EMS 56194 Logo
  • Accreditation Marshalls certified ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management OHS 69609 Logo
600 x 400
500 x 300
Product Name id Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Finish Made to Stock / Made to Order Carbon Footprint
Grassguard 160 600 x 400 x 120 Earth Brown DR5850400 600 400 100 Standard Concrete Made To Order 19 kg CO2
Grassguard 180 600 x 400 x 120 Earth Brown DR5850700 600 400 100 Standard Concrete Made To Order 22 kg CO2
Grassguard 130 500 x 300 x 100 Earth Brown DR5850100 500 300 100 Standard Concrete Made To Order 16 kg CO2

Made to stock: Item is in stock and available for delivery.

Made to order: Item will be manufactured when the order has been placed, lead times vary dependent on product.

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