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Hackney Bollard

Marshalls’ Ferrocast Hackney Bollard provides an efficient demarcation and protection solution for modern city landscapes and urban development schemes. This durable bollard creates safe boundaries between pedestrian and vehicular routes, and offers protection for buildings and premises.

Manufactured from engineering grade polyurethane cast around a steel core, this high performance product is built to withstand the pressures of busy urban spaces. A two-part non-ferrous coating prevents rusting and corrosion, while improved chip resistance and weathering characteristics reduces future maintenance costs.

Root fixing is offered as standard. Additional options including a ballotini ring, chain connectors, hand-painted motifs, second colour and locking sockets are available.

For extra protection, this bollard can be manufactured to an anti-ram specification.

  • Internal steel core for increased strength
  • Anti-ram specification available on request
  • Excellent chip and weather resistance
  • Additional options available, including second colour
  • Bespoke design service available for specific requirements

Price Range

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Carbon Footprint

Available on Request
ferrocast hackney polyurethane bollard

Certification Logos and Accreditations

  • Accreditation Made in Britain Logo
  • Accreditation BSB Blue Stamp 2018 Logo
  • Accreditation BSI Assurance Mark ISO 9001 KEYB Logo
  • Accreditation BSI Assurance Mark ISO 14001 KEYB Logo
  • Accreditation BSI Assurance Mark ISO 45001 Black Logo
  • Accreditation BES 6001 Logo
  • Accreditation Living wage Logo
  • Accreditation Fair Tax logo Logo
  • Accreditation Business in the community logo Logo
  • Accreditation eti logo Logo
  • Accreditation UNGC Endorser Logo Logo
Product Name Material Finish Height Above Ground (mm) Fixing Method Weight (kg) Reflective Tape Available ID
Hackney Bollard Removable Polyurethane Painted 964 Removable 22.5 Yes Ferrocast Hackney Bollard Rem
Hackney Bollard Root Fixed Polyurethane Painted 964 Root Fixed 22 Yes Ferrocast Hackney Bollard Root Fixed