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Pedestal Accessories

A range of additional products which make installing a pedestal system quick, easy and effective.

  • MRSP Shock Pads: Rubber pads to place either on top of the head or at the base of the pedestal to minimise movement
  • compensate for irregularities in surfaces and reduce noise & vibration.
  • MPAK Adjustment Tool: For use with Marshalls MF and Marshalls ML pedestals, to allow the installer to make fine adjustments to the level of an installed pedestal from a standing position.

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Product Name id Made to Stock / Made to Order
MRSP-H Shock Pad for Pedestal Head FL9962170 Made To Stock
MRSP-B Shock Pad for Pedestal Base FL9962180 Made To Stock
MPAK Pedestal Adjustment Key FL9962190 Made To Stock

Made to stock: Item is in stock and available for delivery.

Made to order: Item will be manufactured when the order has been placed, lead times vary dependent on product.