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RS150 Bollard

Carefully manufactured from grade 316L stainless steel, the Rhino RS150 Bollard is exceptionally strong and requires little maintenance. This makes it ideal for pedestrian walkways and protected parking. Boasting a subtle modern design, this static stainless steel bollard can add contemporary style to any location.The stainless steel used to make the Rhino RS150 Bollard is 100% recyclable, ideal for projects where environmental impact is a concern. This type of bollard can also be fitted with an anti-ram technology which offers added protection against ram-raids and collisions.Further optional extras include hazard banding, surface mount fixing and removable for temporary vehicle access.

  • Anti-ram option available
  • Low maintenance
  • Optional diameters
  • Made from durable stainless steel

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rs150 bollard

Certification Logos and Accreditations

  • Accreditation Made in Britain Logo
  • Accreditation BSB Blue Stamp 2018 Logo
  • Accreditation BSI Assurance Mark ISO 9001 KEYB Logo
  • Accreditation BSI Assurance Mark ISO 14001 KEYB Logo
  • Accreditation BSI Assurance Mark OHS 18001 KEYB Logo
  • Accreditation BES 6001 Logo
  • Accreditation Living wage Logo
  • Accreditation Fair Tax logo Logo
  • Accreditation Business in the community logo Logo
  • Accreditation eti logo Logo
  • Accreditation UNGC Endorser Logo Logo
Product Name Material Diameter (mm) Height Above Ground (mm) Fixing Method Weight (kg) Reflective Tape Available
RS150 Bollard Ø101 Removable Stainless Steel 101 1000 Removable 15 Yes
RS150 Bollard Ø101 Root Fix Stainless Steel 101 1000 Root Fixed 11 Yes
RS150 Bollard Ø101 Surface Mount Stainless Steel 101 1000 Surface Mounted 7 Yes
RS150 Bollard Ø114 Removable Stainless Steel 114 1000 Removable 16 Yes
RS150 Bollard Ø114 Root Fix Stainless Steel 114 1000 Root Fixed 12 Yes
RS150 Bollard Ø114 Surface Mount Stainless Steel 114 1000 Surface Mounted 10 Yes
RS150 Bollard Ø129 Removable Stainless Steel 129 1000 Removable 24 Yes
RS150 Bollard Ø129 Root Fix Stainless Steel 129 1000 Root Fixed 14 Yes
RS150 Bollard Ø129 Surface Mount Stainless Steel 129 1000 Surface Mounted 8 Yes
RS150 Bollard Ø154 Removable Stainless Steel 154 1000 Removable 32 Yes
RS150 Bollard Ø154 Root Fix Stainless Steel 154 1000 Root Fixed 17 Yes
RS150 Bollard Ø154 Surface Mount Stainless Steel 154 1000 Surface Mounted 11 Yes