The UK’s first ready-made rain garden kerb system is coming…

EDENKERB™ from Marshalls

EDENKERB™ is the first complete solution for integrating rain garden kerbs seamlessly into outdoor designs. Architects and specifiers can now incorporate this innovative Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) feature into their plans simply and consistently, ensuring effective stormwater management while contributing to increased biodiversity.

Comprising left and right-hand kerbs plus a flow-slowing diffuser flag, EDENKERB™ enables precise detailing of the inlet and outlet feature of the rain garden. The kerb’s integrated gradient promotes water entry from street level while the textured flag moderates flow. This combination facilitates water filtration and absorption by the garden’s vegetation and soil, resulting in an effective and attractive nature-based SuDS solution that enhances the local environment.

The complete rain garden kerb system



Kerb profiles:




Only available in Standard Grey


Half battered:


Only available in Standard Grey


Modal X - coming soon


Kerb sizes:


Standard (255mm):

L 400mm | W 125/145mm | H 255m


Tall (305mm):

L 400mm | W 125/145mm | H 305mm



Standard Grey

Modal X Silver Grey Granite Textured
Coming soon

Modal X Silver Grey Granite Textured
Coming soon

Why choose EDENKERB™?

  • Purpose-designed to maximise effectiveness - integrated kerb gradient to promote water entry and complementary diffuser flag to moderate flow
  • Design flexibility through choice in profile, size and colour
  • Attractive aesthetics achievable from the ability to combine with matching paving and kerb ranges including the striking Modal X range
  • Cost and time saving by removing the need to design from scratch and once construction begins, there’s no need for contractors to cut on-site
  • Sustainable solution which meets forthcoming SuDs regulations
  • The only ready-made, pre-cut system available on the market
  • The ability to create a range of configurations to suit the requirements of any scheme

EDENKERB™ & the UK’s largest SuDS scheme


Marshalls new EDENKERB™ is being trialled in the biggest Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) scheme in the UK, now underway In Mansfield. The £76 million project by Severn Trent Water working with Mansfield District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council, has seen a number installed in the first phase with more to come in the following phases. The scheme is designed to protect communities from flooding, through a range of nature-based solutions and develop a blue print that can be used to manage flooding in the future.

Landscape designer: Arup   |   Contractors: Galliford Try / Kier



Foliage is computer generated (installation in winter months)

What is the importance of rain gardens?

Urbanisation, population increase, and the impact of climate change have exposed towns and cities to increased risks of flooding and watercourse pollution – and these are predicted to become more frequent in the years ahead.

The government is trying to mitigate the consequences of these challenges with the introduction of Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act. This will become mandatory and force developers and housebuilders to align with new requirements in relation to the water management solutions on any new developments, with sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) playing a key role.

This must be achieved using features such as permeable surfaces, rain gardens, soakaways and other solutions that are designed to reduce the overall amount of water ending up in our sewers. We have seen the demand for rain gardens increasing over recent times and predict their use to continue to grow – in response we developed EDENKERB™.

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