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Paving Tool

Marshalls Paving Tool

Design with ease

Marshalls has created its own free Paving Design software. By entering a few site details along with your chosen Marshalls surfacing product, you will be issued with a specific design which can be output as a 2-page pdf document. This document outlines the sub-base build up and the specification of all materials required - including the selected Marshalls surfacing product.

Using the paving design tool is simple
Step 1

Select the type of surface choosing from Blocks, Paving or Natural Stone.

Step 2

Choose the product you require from the expansive Marshalls range.

Step 3

Tell us maximum loading requirement your site will be subjected to.

Step 4

Give us the CBR value for the site if you know it.

After that our tool will give you a bespoke sub-base design according to your needs.
You can take this away with you in a handy pdf, or come back another time to view the details.Read about the other tools available in the Marshalls toolbox.