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How to read an EPD - New

Duration: 1 hour

EPDs have emerged as the construction industry’s preferred way of sharing sustainability information about products. They bring a level of consistency and standardisation to a subject which, until recently, has been open to greenwash.

However, EPDs aren’t panacea; they’re complex documents containing a wealth of information, so it’s important to understand what data’s being shared and what assumptions have been made. This short CPD session will highlight key information to look out for when reading these documents, how to avoid some common pitfalls, and how to ensure you’re making reasonable like-for-like comparisons

View the Marshalls EPD library here.


Creating Safer Spaces - New

Duration: 1 hour

Our recent research into what makes people feel safer in urban spaces has revealed a wealth of insight on this important topic. This CPD addresses the consideration for public safety as part of the development process and is perfect for anyone involved in the design and building of any public realm scheme.

Introduction to BS 7533-101

Duration: 1 hour

In this CPD you will learn about the new code of practice for the structural design of pavements using modular paving units. The CPD covers the key changes to the design process, what new information is included in the standard, structural design elements and covers a selection of design examples.

Step design & guidance

Duration: 30 minutes

Learn the processes involved in the design and specification of steps within the external environment. Including: construction details, surface material types, and the regulations, standards and legislation that informs good step design.

SuDS Solutions

Duration: 1 hour

In this CPD covering the key principles of sustainable drainage we answer why permeable paving is an excellent SuDS solution and how permeable paving fits within a wider SuDS landscape. We also explore hydraulic and structural sub-base design requirements and the maintenance and adoption of permeable pavements.

Climate Resilient Spaces

Duration: 1 hour

Guidance about how climate change is going to impact us and how to build climate resilience, including mitigation and adoption, into your designs. This CPD proposes methods to mitigate flooding including soft SuDS and permeable paving and discusses practical products and solutions to increasing urban heat.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Duration: 1 hour

Understand the imposed threats in the public realm, which areas are considered the most at risk and why aesthetically pleasing HVM is required. You will also get an overview of specification and testing standards and learn the key considerations for security design and install.
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