Marshalls commercial product visualiser

Discover our interactive product visualiser tool, featuring all our paving products.

Free and easy to use, you can search and filter for paving ranges to design with. Choosing colours, sizes, laying patterns and blends to create paving design concepts that will work for your projects. 

The product visualiser is designed for customers to see how our products look in different colours and laying patterns. If you're looking for a certain thickness for your paving to use on your project, speak to a member of our team and we will find the right solution for your trafficking requirements.

product visualiser

Start designing:



Design options

Endless design options

Start designing straight away. Whether you have a product in mind or want to explore our options, you can use our search and filter function to find products that suit you, and make changes with sizes, laying patterns and colour mixes to see what works best for you.


Download our design package

Take your designs with you. If you're happy with your design you can download the design package to use with your own design tools. Simply download a .RVT file or PBR texture, and even package your design together with our datasheets and EPDs.‚Äč

VR and AR

AR / VR capabilities

Take your design to the next level. You can view your favourite designs in real-life with our AR capabilities. Simply scan the unique QR code to visualise the product in your space. You can even jump into the design yourself by switching to your VR headset!

How to use the product visualiser

1. Find the product you want

If you know the name of the product you want to use, you can type the product name into the search bar.

If you're not sure on what product you want to use yet, you can use the filter option to narrow down your choices based on your colour, texture or materials preference.

product you want

2. Visualise your product choice

Once you've found a product you want to view, simply select the product tile and the paving will appear in the product viewer.

You then have the option to alter the following for your chosen product:

  • You can change the colour if more than one colour is available in that range
  • You can choose a different laying pattern based on the paving sizes that are available in the range
  • You can change the jointing material colour
  • You can choose to "mix" colours together by selecting the mix icon

3. Mix your colours

A truly imaginative feature to the product visualiser is the option to mix colours.

If this is available in the product you've selected, you can click the "Mix" icon to combine colours for your design. Once you choose "Mix", you can add other colours to your plan and change the percentage for each colour using the orange slider. Once you click apply, you can view the randomly generated colour mix from your choices, creating truly unique blends. 

4. What's next?

You can generate thousands of different designs using our visualiser tool!

Here is how you can use the designs you create:

  • Download your design - the download icon allows you to save the product information and design files (BIM .rvt and 3D material PBR) from the design you've created. Just enter your details to recieve this package.
  • Save to your favourites - the heart icon that allows you to save your favourite designs and open them up again later so you can compare designs
  • Take a screen shot - the small camera icon allows you to take a screenshot of the scene you're in and save it to your downloads
  • View virtually - if you have a headset you can scan the QR code to view your design in a virtual environment
  • Request a quote / sample or get in touch - if you open the downloads icon you have the option to book an online project consultation with a member of our team or request a sample / quote of the products you're viewing

Try our product visualiser today:

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