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Looking to buy traffic calming bollards?
Bollards Direct has a wide range to choose from which go with Marshalls range of traffic islands.

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Traffic Calming, Speed Cushions, Ramps and Traffic Islands

The traffic island is an essential part of the road layout; directing the flow of vehicles and clearly marking out no-go areas, guiding drivers at busy junctions and preventing irresponsible overtaking. Equally as important for road safety are cycle segregation units, used to
separate cyclists from drivers and prevent the chance of accidents.

Marshalls specialises in production of concrete traffic islands as part of its traffic calming product range. They are available in a number of kerb finishes and styles.

Effective traffic calming measures must be durable against all kinds of traffic, road and weather conditions. Marshalls provides a wide range of traffic calming solutions which have been shown to improve road safety, and the traffic island is one of the most common.


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