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Traffic Calming Measures & Safety Products

Whatever the size and scale of your project, Marshalls’ range of traffic calming and traffic management measures is designed to improve environments for vehicles and pedestrians without affecting the aesthetic of your design.

Our traffic islands, made from precast concrete, are an essential part of any road layout, directing the flow of vehicles, clearly marking no-go areas, and guiding driving at busy junctions to prevent dangerous driving and irresponsible overtaking. New delineations are also available to help cyclists move around more effectively.

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Traffic calming

The accurate preformed shapes and profiles of Marshalls products, produced by quality-controlled manufacturing processes, comply with a number of standards and specifications, including the Traffic Advisory Leaflet and Highway (Road Humps) Regulations 1990.

Traffic calming products are one of the most important traffic safety products, benefitting vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Marshalls provides a wide range of traffic calming solutions, which have been shown to improve road safety.

To reduce traffic speeds in built-up areas, our pre-cast speed bump, the S-ramp provides a smooth ride and mitigates the risk of incidents, making it one of our most popular products in the range of speed bumps and rubber speed cushions. Used at locations such as Manchester Picadilly Station, this low-maintenance traffic calming solution reduces speed and improves safety, including at pedestrian crossings

With more emphasis being put on our cycling cities, there’s also more of a need for cycle segregation units to ensure confidence in cyclists and drivers alike.

From ramp systems to traffic blocks, browse Marshalls’ traffic management products now.

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