Speed Bumps & Cushions

White car driving over a red reinforced speed cushion.

Speed Bumps & Cushions

Speed cushions are among the most effective traffic-calming measures available, and can be implemented in many landscapes from school roads to town centres.

At Marshalls, we understand the need for quick installation and that your project will require road speed cushions capable of withstanding all traffic loadings. What’s more, you need them to have as little impact as possible on the overall aesthetic of your design.

We offer two different types of traffic speed cushions. Rubber speed cushions can be installed easily and quickly on any type of surface, allowing for minimal road disruption, while reinforced concrete alternatives comply with Highway Regulations 1999 and the Traffic Advisory Leaflet (DfT, 1994).

Consider local speed restrictions and the type of traffic using the area when deciding on the type of speed pillows or cushions for your requirements.

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