The story of a British business – how Marshalls was made in Britain

Chris Harrop of Marshalls plc
Wednesday 16th December, 2020

Marshalls was founded in the 1890s by Solomon Marshall. The company, based in the heart of Yorkshire, was built on strong principles and the desire to provide superior and innovative products to its customers, never compromising on quality or safety. With a workforce of more than 3,000 people and over a decade as a Superbrand, these same founding principles still ring true today.

Marshalls is a proud business

Marshalls is extremely proud to have worked on some of Britain’s most iconic projects and historical landmarks over the years.

As the eyes of the world watched athletic prowess in the London 2012 Olympics, we gazed proudly as our paving, street furniture and kerbs provided the backdrop for many of the new developments and regenerated areas of London. You can watch the video case study of our work at the Athlete’s Village below.

Other iconic British moments for Marshalls include paving Trafalgar Square twice to date. In fact, over the years we’ve paved every location on the London Monopoly Board. We’ve also installed our protective security bollards outside Shakespeare’s birthplace, which is a restored 16th-century half-timbered house located in Stratford-upon-Avon.


We have a continued commitment to British manufacturing

Based on tonnage, 98% of our commercial and domestic landscaping products combined, are made in mainland Britain, giving these materials a lower carbon footprint compared to imported ranges. This enables us to have full control of our stock availability, product quality and working practices. It also helps to keep skilled jobs in the UK and gives customers the peace of mind that we’re never far away from their building site, merchants yard or newly renovated home.

We champion British manufacturing by being members of Made in Britain. Having become a renowned symbol for British manufacturing and high standards, Made in Britain brings together the British manufacturing community and is great platform for manufacturers and a celebration of the diverse range of goods and services created here in the UK.

Not only does sourcing and manufacturing from within the UK help retain jobs and skills, it also makes a significant contribution to our sustainability goals and reduces our carbon footprint. And our work to tackle modern slavery here in the UK is helping to make the lives of British workers safer too.
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