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Commercial Bricks, Walling and Cast Stone

Marshalls Bricks and Masonry combines the bricks, walling and cast stone products from Marshalls, Edenhall and Grecon into one division focused on the design, manufacture and delivery of bricks, walling and masonry solutions.

With over 60 years of unparalleled experience, Marshalls Bricks and Masonry is a leading UK supplier of sustainable concrete products for the construction industry.

From blocks, utility bricks and facing bricks, to walling stone and cast stone, we offer a variety of manufactured products in multiple finishes and colours to suit all building and aesthetic requirements.

Our unique combination of quality products, process and customer support means we can satisfy your precise requirements with a simple, versatile and cost-effective solutions package, delivering nationwide through our nine manufacturing facilities.

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Bricks and Masonry Sales office: 01633 600 806
Bricks and Masonry Email: bricksbm@marshalls.co.uk

Walling Sales office: 0345 302 0707
Walling Email: wallingbm@marshalls.co.uk

Cast Stone Sales office: 0345 163 2213
​Cast Stone Email: caststonebm@marshalls.co.uk
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We provide a broad range of reconstructed stone walling products that are often used in areas of traditional stone walling, as an alternative to quarried stone and is approved as such for use in National Parks and conservation areas.

Our Cromwell, Darlstone, Thistlestone and Epoch products are available in a variety of colours, from buffs, to browns, and a range of finishes to ensure our products blend easily with vernacular stonework, creating beautiful finished aesthetics for that all important kerb appeal. Bespoke colours can be developed and offered for specific schemes.

As well as housebuilding, our walling is suitable for, and used in a variety of landscaping commercial projects and applications.

Available from stock in full loads or mixed loads with bricks.