Concrete Breeze Blocks


Concrete Breeze Blocks

Here you'll find Edenhall's blocks, now avaialble from Marshalls Bricks and Masonry.

Aggregate concrete blocks from Marshalls are reliable, strong and durable enough for any commercial project.

Made from superior aggregate, and manufactured to high standards, our breeze blocks are consistent in their quality and functionality. The aggregate blocks are solid and sized 440x215 with depths of either 100mm or 140mm.

Ebloc are dense concrete blocks available in either a standard or paint grade finish. Produced to 7.3N/mm2 and 10N/mm2 strengths they can be used in all parts of a project above and below damp proof course (DPC).

Each high density block is made to meet European Standard BS EN 771-3 for aggregate concrete masonry units.

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