Engineering Bricks

Perforated Engineering Brick - Red

Engineering Bricks

Looking for Edenhall engineering bricks? You'll find them here. Marshalls Bricks and Masonry is the new name for Edenhall.

Marshalls’ range of engineering bricks are manufactured using dense aggregates and cement, and tested in accordance with BS EN 771-3: 2011; Specification for Masonry Units: Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units. These concrete bricks have been created for their high load tolerance and low water porosity.

Our blue engineering bricks come in either a solid or perforated configuration, whereas our red engineering bricks are available in solid, perforated or frogged form. Each brick is uniform in its size – 215 x 100 x 65mm – and can be used both above and below damp proof course (dpc).

Not only are our engineering bricks strong, durable and resistant to sulphates, they can also be used as a detailing plinth or as a replacement for facing bricks.

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