Facing bricks

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Facing bricks

Edenhall has now become Marshalls Bricks and Masonry, you'll find all your usual facing brick products here.

Facing bricks are used for the exterior facade of homes and commercial buildings, providing the "face" of any brick-built property. Not only are these bricks aesthetically pleasing, they are extremely frost resistant and can stand exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Marshalls are at the forefront of concrete innovation and the first to introduce perforated concrete bricks into the UK, as well as offering frogged facing brick options. Our facing bricks are chosen for their striking aesthetics, design versatility and technical superiority at unbeatable value.

We are able to offer a rich palette of facing brick colours from the ever popular traditional reds, to more contemporary blends. Our facing bricks are available in sand-faced, stock and weathered finishes, allowing you to choose from a broad range of colours and textures.

Concrete facing bricks are a great alternative to soft mud, extruded or wirecut bricks - download a helpful comparison guide on the differences between concrete and clay bricks here >

Use the filter below as a brick selector to search for the perfect concrete facing bricks to meet your needs.

Marshalls concrete bricks have significantly less embodied carbon than clay bricks - almost 50% less over their whole lifecycle.

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