Utility Bricks

Dense Concrete Common Brick

Utility Bricks

Marshalls Bricks and Masonry is the new name for Edenhall, and here you'll find their full range of utility bricks.

Marshalls’ range of utility bricks are functional, strong and ideal for use in conjunction with blockwork. Made from concrete, you’ll find everything from dense common bricks and coursing bricks to engineering and slip bricks.

Manufactured in accordance with British Standards, our selection of utility products are designed for all types of construction offering a solution to a variety of design and build applications.

The entire range is available as mixed loads, and with full UK coverage you’ll be sure to find the utility brick supplies you’re looking for.

Dense Concrete Common Bricks
Differing from facing bricks, commons are functional in their usage and can be used above and below DPC, with a minimum strength of 22Ns.

Engineering Bricks
Manufactured for their strength, porosity and acid resistance, Marshalls’ concrete engineering bricks are equivalent to Class B clay engineering bricks.

Dense and Lightweight Coursing Bricks
Available in both 100mm and 140mm widths, our concrete coursing bricks are ideal for use alongside blockwork and for reveals, jambs and window heads.

Flooring Brick Slips
Designed for use in conjunction with blocks, slip bricks provide exterior wall insulation while also being a decorative brick.

Training Bricks
We are also able to offer a selection of bricks at competitive rates, classified as regrades or mixed commons that are extremely suitable for use in skilled training by colleges, schools and construction skills centres.

Browse our range of functional utility bricks today.

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