concrete cycle segregation unit 255mm

Concrete Cycle Segregation Unit

Manufactured in Britain, our versatile concrete kerb unit is designed to act as a demarcation tool to safely segregate cyclists from trafficked areas.

Its 45 degree splayed kerb profile on the cycleway side provides a soft transition between the carriageway and the cycle lane. This means that cyclists of all abilities can use the cycleway without the fear of colliding with a steep kerb or catching a pedal.

The outside kerb offers a bullnose profile designed to stop vehicles mounting the unit and potentially endangering the cyclist.

Designed to be installed in new or existing schemes where the highway requires a redesign, the Cycle Segregation Unit ensures that cyclists feel safe and at ease when commuting and consequently encouraging an increase in this mode of transport.

For more information on our Cycle Segregation Unit you can view our brochure here.

  • Creates a physical demarcation for cyclists allowing them to travel safely and easily
  • Provides a good level of containment of vehicles
  • Offers quick and simple installation
  • Allows a good platform for additional signage and further demarcation
  • Encourages cycling, leading to benefits in health and well-being and a reduction in carbon footprint
  • Made in Britain
  • Complies with the performance levels in the European Standard - BS EN: 1340
  • Manufactured with concrete, therefore reducing maintenance costs and lowering carbon footprint over its life cycle



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Product Name Material Finish Fixing Method Height Above Ground (mm) Overall Height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg) Root Depth
Concrete Cycle Segregation Unit - Left Hand & Right Hand Concrete Smooth Root Fixed 125 255 1000 300 171 130
Concrete Cycle Segregation Unit - Intermediate Concrete Smooth Root Fixed 125 255 1000 300 179 130
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